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Participants 2006.

LATVIA - ᮣis頓Dailradeﳰan>

Groups come from capital city of Latvia, from Riga. They gather students of Latvian University and they are one of the oldest and most famous ensembles in their country. ᮣisᮤ ᩬradeᲥ managed by excellent professionals-ballet artists and choreographers who are also the artistic directors of these ensembles. They participated in festivals in France, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Russia where they won several fi rst prizes and Grand Prix.

MOLDOVA - ᮴eziaﳰan>

᮴ezia毬k and Modern dance group was created in 1990 on the basis of the Choreographic Department of the Moldovaծiversity of Arts. Around 180 children and young people of 6 to 25 years are being trained in the group. The ᮴ezia毬k dance group is the prize-winner of a number of international folk dance festivals held in Moldova, Romania, Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Turkey, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Greece, Ukraine and Poland. Besides their national dances, they perform dances of ethnic minorities who live in Moldova: Russians, Romanians, Ukrainians and Gypsies.

NETHERLANDS - 䥥deker Daancersﳰan>

The 䥥deker Daansers鳠a folklore dance group from Diepenheim, the smallest town from the province of Overijssel. The dance group was founded in 1965 with a goal to preserve the old Twentse and the Diepenheim folklore customs. The members dance in the original Deepse costumes like they were worn at the begining of the 20th century. The group travelled to several different countries such as Italy, Austria, France, Spain, USA, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Japan, Hungary, Lithuania and Portugal.

POLAND - 饭ia Zywieckaﳰan>

Folk ensemble 饭ia Zywiecka硳 founded in 1971 in town Zywiec in the south of Poland. Members of this amateur group are students and young people united by the love for song, dance and folk tradition of their native land. During it೰-years existance, ensemble gained great popularity, not only in Poland, but also in other countries where they perfomed. Each year, 饭ia Zywieckaࡲticipate in folk festivals outside Poland and has won many trophies and prizes. As a member of CIOFF, they performed in Czech Republic, France, Turkey, Tunisia, Italy, Estonia, Great Britain, Netherlands, Belgium, USA, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Sweden, Slovakia, Denmark, Lithuania, Greece, Russia, Germany and Vatican.

PORTUGAL - 㠌avradeiras de Arcozeloﳰan>

The folk group comes from town Vila Nova de Gaia and is one of the most popular groups in Portugal. It was founded with a goal to preserve the very rich ethnographic, cultural and folk tradition. They perform dances of the region ⣵s cellusডmous for production of wine Porto. They were pioneers in organizing international folk festivals in their country. As representatives of Portugal, they participated in folk festivals in Europe and around the world: Germany, Andorra, Belgium, Egypt, Spain, France, Netherlands, Hungary, Great Britain, Italy, Macedonia, Poland, Romania and Switzerland. The group was honored and rewarded, thanks to its artistic value, for being selected to participate at the EXPO蠣losing ceremony.

TURKEY - ⭥lit halk danslari topluluguﳰan>

Folk group was founded in 1992 in Istanbul with a goal to preserve turkish national heritage. Besides the folk sections, the group has theatre section and a section of making national souvenirs and costumes. Folk group gathers members in two sections: children and adult group. They perform dances and national customs from all regions of Turkey. They participated in festivals in Portugal, Norway, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, France, Greece, Poland, Slovenia, Romania and Czech Republic. They are also organisers of CIOFF International folk festival in Istanbul.

CROATIA - FA ᴩja Gubecﳰan>

Folk ensemble ᴩja Gubec硳 founded in 1936 and this year it celebrates it෰th anniversary. The ensemble nourishes national dances, songs and folk tradition from all regions of Croatia. The ensemble gathers 50 members in adult A folk dance section, majority of them are young students and university degree citizens of town Karlovac. Also, it has children folk dance section which gathers 70 youngsters, 20 members in B folk dance section and 15 ᭢urice�icians. Folk ensemble ᴩja Gubecॲforms choreographies from all regions of Croatia. It has 16 choreographies signed by excellent Croatian choreographers of folk music and dance. Members dance in original national costumes from each region, so the ensemble owns more then 250 original costumes. Thanks to the successful work and high quality of performing their repertoire, ensemble joined to the CIOFF organization and performed in folk festivals in Algeria, Sardinia, Netherlands, Greece, USA (2 big tours), Canada, Portugal, Spain, France, Slovakia, Hungary, Sicily, Austria, Germany, Italy and Australia. Folk ensemble ᴩja Gubec鳠the executive organisator of the International folk festival in Karlovac.

Special guests - FA 桮 Ma⡮i攬 Karlovac

Folk ensemble was founded in 1999 with a goal to preserve national heritage, national customs, dances and songs. It gathers young people in 4 sections: adult folk section, children folk section ⩳nica୵sic section and men vocal section. Until now, ensemble participated in many folk festivals in Croatia and abroad, in Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland and Hungary. They perform songs and dances from all regions of Croatia.
Special guests - KUD 审Сkovo

The folk group was founded in 1985 on the basis of preserving rich tradition of the region Slavonija and town Сkovo. Group performs choreographies from all regions of Croatia and richness and beauty of national costumes makes the program more attractive. The folk groups gather 300 members in 4 sections: adult folk section, musical ᭢uricaﲣhestra, children folk section and men folk group. They performed in folk festivals in Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Mexico and Egypt. The folk group is the member of CIOFF.

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