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Participants 2005.

Austrija Ruumunjska


Folk group "Volkstanzgruppe drah di Wenigzell" was founded in 1975. Young men and women from 15 to 22 years old revived traditional, original Austrian dances and started tolearn dances from all Austrian regions. Their typical dance is "Schuhplattler". Group performed in England, France, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Germany, and Hungary. Group performs dances from all Austrian and Bavarian regions. Dancers dance to the music of an accordion "Styrian" and a guitar.


The Folk Ensemble "Enosi Conitsioton loaninon" was founded in 1993 and comes from town Ionina. The Ensembles' goal is to maintain an artistic and an intellectual culture of its members, and to preserve and promote their traditional music and dances from all Greece areas, and especially from Konits region. There are 40 members of the group. They performed in the main manifestations and festivals in Greece and in Europe. The Ensemble performed in many festivals in Hungary, Albania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, France, Poland, and Belgium.


Folk group "I ragazzi del Petrino" was founded in 1999. They performed in Budapest (Hungary), Slovakia, and Slovenia. Members of the group are from 6 to 25 years old. They perform typical traditional dances and songs from their region. Mondragone is Roman Antic City called Sinuessa. It is situated 50 km from Naples and 160 from Rome in the Tiren sea shores at the foot of the mountain Petrino. Mondragone is well 뮯wn for their typical cheese "Mozzarella" and wine, especially appreciated in the South Italy.


Folk group "Kyczera" was founded in 1991. Their founder and the artistic director is Mr. Jerzy Starzynski. Members of the group are young people from 15 to 25 years old, who live in the City Legnic in the south-west Poland. From 1944 to 1947 people were deported to Ukraine or to the west and north parts of Poland. Group performed in Europe: Germany, Slovakia, Ukraine, France, Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Check Republic, Italy; and in Mexico.


FE "Bihorul" was founded in 1966 in Oradei which is situated on the shores of the river Crisul Repede. The Ensemble numbers about 40 members with a long tradition of performing in the international and domestic festivals. Dancers FE "Bihorul" perform dances from all Rumanian regions (Bihor, Banat, Oas, Oltenia, Muntenia, Transylvania, Moldova). Since their foundation they performed on many international festivals in Germany, Netherlands, France, Israel, Egypt, Italy, England, Russia, and Ukraine.


The ensemble was founded in 1936 as an authentic Croatian association which nurtures traditional music, dances, songs and customs. The ensembles' orchestra plays on traditional Croatian instruments: bagpipes, samica, Krk's long flute, lijerica, tamburitza, depending on the region the dance comes from. During its history, the group has played an important role on the folk scene, winning numerous awards and recognitions. FE Matija Gubec has performed on Festivals in Germany, Italy, Algeria, Netherlands, Hungary, Greece, USA ䷩ce, Canada, France, Spain, Portugal, and Australia. President of the ensemble is Mr. Branko Djurdjevic, artist director Dr. Zeljko Stajcer, voice coach is Mr. Tomislav Jozic, dance advisor Mr. Darko Kristo, and orchestra director Mr. Mihajlo Sepa. FE ᴩja Gubec鳠the executive organizer of the International Folklore Festival in Karlovac.

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