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Folk Ensemble "Ovcharska pesen" works at the Ćiril and Method" since 1971. In the village Dorkovo, in the Plovdiv region. The group counts more than 120 members: The Ensemble works in 4 groups: orchestra, dance group, female vocal group, male vocal group. The Ensemble was found with the aim to nurture the tradition of the northwestern part of Bulgaria by performing authentic dances. The orchestra is using typical instruments for Dorkovo: kaval, tapavi, drums, and pipes. The costumes are authentic. The repertoire of the ensemble enchants 80 authentic songs, 16 dances and many costumes from Dorkovo. In 29 years of existence, the Ensemble gave more than 250 concerts in the country and abroad.




The folk group "Matija Gubec" was found in 1936. And in 60 years of it existence it's been working on the preservation of the traditional Croatian culture, "tambura" music, folk singing and the preservation of customs and dances. The group gathers young people from the town and has profiled itself as a town folk group. Compared to best folk groups a repertoire is achieved, which enabled the approach to the world organisation for folk groups CIOFF. Unfailingly are many tours and performances in Croatia and abroad. The group participated on known international folk festivals in the organisation of CIOFF, UNESCO, Paris (Algeria, Sardinia, Holland, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Germany, France, two big tours in USA 1993. and 1996. Canada etc.). The group performs dances from all regions in the Republic of Croatia, in original folk costumes and with folk instruments.


The folk group TRADICIONES, Monterrey began its activity 20 years ago. Monterrey is the second most important industrial, economic, cultural and educational town in Mexico. The Ensemble is a member of the prestigious Superior School of Music and Dance of Monterrey. The group performs dances and songs from all parts of Mexico. Mostly, the group performs dances and songs from northern part of Mexico - polka. The Ensemble also performs choreographs most characteristic for Mexico, HALISCO and NAYARIT.





Folk Ensemble Jahodna from Košice was found 1986. During that time the group prepared more than 20 different dance choreographs and adapted more than 30 Slovak songs for vocationalists and instrumentalists. The origin of the Folk Ensemble Jahodna can be found in the eastern part of Slovakia, at the Technical University of Košice. The group performs dances and songs from the region Abov, Sariš, Zemplin, Spriš, Gemer.. The dances and songs are stylistic adapted. Typical dances from the regions Abov, Sariš, Zemplin, Spriš, Gemer… The dances and songs are stylistic adapted. Typical dances from the regions of Eastern Slovakia are: KARICKA - dances for women and especially girls danced in the round shape, particularly beautiful are the version form Zemplin region. CARDAŠ - temperament pair dance originated in Hungary and south of Slovakia, CAPAŠE - temperament dance for men to show their skill and art - region Zemplin and Sariš. KRUCENA - slow, emotional pair dance from regions of Sariš and Spiš, mostly young couples in love used to dance it.

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