Croatia is one of the youngest European states with 4.5 milion inhabitants. According to the population census from 1991 there are 78% of Croats, and predominant religion is Roman Catholic (76,5% of the total population). The language spoken is Croatian and the script Latin. Croatia covers the area of 56,5 thousand square kilometres of mainland and somewhat less than 32 thousand square kilometres od sea. Although the Croatian people have inhabited this area for as long as 13 centuries, Croatia was only recently included into the political map of Europe. Croatia is the region of extremely old and rich culture. The Croatian people have inhabited this area for more than thousand years (from the 7th century). This is justified by the ancient proofs of literacy as well as by the cultural and historic monuments that attract attention of numerous visitors. But Croatia did not contribute only to the world history. Thorugh valuable achievments of scientist, artists and athletes Croatia actively participates in the creation of the contemporary life. Scientists, painters and sculptors, film artists, opera singers, conductors, athelets...., each of them in his or her own way in countries all over the world testify by their work and contribution to global achievments about the country they come from. This country was always exposed to influences of different peoples, religions and interests, but it was constantly proving, by historic and cultural achievments, its affiliation to the civilisation of Western Europe. Croatia is a gift from Heaven. Nowhere else in the world can you find such natural beauty, good climate, and historical and cultural heritage in such a small area. It has the Pannonian plain in the north, with its fertile soil carved by major European rivers, a mountain belt in the interior, and the Adriatic sea in the south. All have served as historic and geographic crossroads in their day. From the golden plains of the northern lowlands, across the forested hills of central Croatia to the lond indented coast of the Adriatic with its thousand islands, islets and rocks, travellers will find a hundred reasons to pause, to linger and to return next time and again.

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